About Kristen


It all started when...

My yoga teacher asked the question, "What allows you to receive?" In that sweet space of savasana, those words melted into my heart, and touched the parts of me that had been denied the space to feel, to receive, and to truly be seen. There on my mat I began my journey home to my heart, to the longings of my Soul, and to the softness and wildness of my femininity. A journey that has led me from the world of business and the streets of San Francisco to the Sacred Valley in Peru, the Himalayan Mountains in India, the yoga studios in Bali, the tantric communities in Thailand, the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, and home to The Art of Sacred Living 

It is my joy and my passion to share all that I've received on my journey, and to guide and support women on the path of walking theirs. This path is not meant to be walked alone.

May all women surrender to the deep wisdom, softness, and grace that is the feminine, in full knowing that there within lies our power, our peace, and our pleasure; in full acceptance of everything that is.

In gratitude and with deep respect.

From my heart to yours, 

Kristen, MATP