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And it all started when... 

My yoga teacher asked the question, "What allows you to receive?" In that sweet space of savasana, those words melted into my heart, and touched the parts of me that had been denied the space to feel, to receive, and to truly be seen. There on my mat I began my journey home to my heart, to the longings of my Soul, and to the softness and wildness of my femininity. A journey that has led me from the world of business and the streets of San Francisco to the Sacred Valley in Peru, the Himalayan Mountains in India, the yoga studios in Bali, the tantric communities in Thailand, the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, and home to The Art of Sacred Living 

It is my joy and my passion to share all that I've remembered on my journey, and to guide and support others on the path of walking theirs.

With gratitude and deep respect for your Sacred Journey,



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Kristen is both soul centered and business minded and has spent many years learning how to merge the two. She has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of San Diego, and a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology with a focus on Creative Expression from Sofia University. Prior to traveling the world immersing herself in retreats and trainings, she worked in business and real estate development in the Bay Area of California.

Kristen’s passion for freedom, consciousness, and evolution has led her to learning many different modalities and tools to support the full expression and personal freedom that is possible in one's being and life. Kristen is deeply inspired by the wisdom and intelligence of the body, and believes it is this return home to the sensational and feeling level of our experience that opens the doors for an intuitively led life. Kristen has been profoundly moved by the Tantric tradition and believes that much of our work as women at this time is in reshaping our relationship to our sexuality and to our femininity. Integrating shame and trauma around sexuality, honoring the menstrual cycle and its wisdom, and ultimately, reclaiming free expression, pleasure, and joy. 

Kristen is deeply connected to the healing power of plants, and the power of gathering together in circle. Together with her husband, Dennis, she leads sacred ceremonial retreats, both locally and internationally. She believes that fostering the connection to the Earth is paramount to our return home to our self. For only when we come back home to the rhythms, cycles and wisdom of the earth, do we have a true understanding of ourselves as people, especially as women. 

Kristen is passionate about music and dance and deeply enjoys and respects the art of living well: self-care, balance, high vibrational and nourishing food/drink, daily practice, and friendship. She eats meat when she feels like it, enjoys the occasional cappuccino at a coffee shop, and loves raw desserts.