A Shift in Focus

If we were to take the lens through which we see the world and lift it high above our personal perception and individual stories, how would our experience of the world change? If we were to move our focus from our minds into our bodies, how would our experience shift?

Looking through this more expansive lens, we would feel the energy of love everywhere. We would feel a world where every individual is longing to feel accepted and understood. Our deepest desires for joy, pleasure and freedom would be released from the myriad of defense mechanisms of which they are bound.

Rationalism and conformity, two fear-based behaviors of our time, would, by way of acceptance, dissolve into authentic connection and freedom of expression. Looking through this different lens, we would so clearly see that every single act, whether deemed ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is merely an expression of this underlying desire for love. We would understand that each choice one makes either assists in the opening to this desire, or adds another layer of protection in resistance to it. We would have a deep sense of knowing that it isn’t about how something looks, but how something feels.

Living at a higher vibration, the words ‘Why’ and ‘How’ replace the words ‘What’ and ‘Who.’ The former eliciting a feeling experience, while the latter, generally speaking, support the interpretation of the mind. ‘What you do’ and ‘who you are’ feel energetically dense compared to ‘why you do something’ and ‘how it makes you feel.’ These light-filled questions invite you into your inner world, requesting the presence of your feeling experience, returning you to the wisdom of the body. As we descend into our pelvis, the place of our feeling body, we peel back the layers of protection that have been preventing us from truly feeling. We face the question, “Why is it so hard to truly feel?” We surrender to the hurt we know is there, but have never truly expressed. At some point during our younger years, we were made to feel we weren’t worthy of receiving love or attention. So we stopped asking; expressing our own needs and desires only resulted in pain. This fear of being hurt stores itself as a blockage in our energetic body and our life evolves around it, shaping our personal story in such a way that prevents us from feeling this pain. We make choices that keep us safe. We resort to the functioning of the mind, as it is much easier to think, then to feel. This is the world that has fostered our evolution until now. The Age of Knowledge, it has been called. Then there is a slow and steady, but all so sudden, shift. Science begins to recognize energy, intuition, consciousness, altered states of consciousness, and the biology of belief. All new fields of study shining light on the breadth of our existence, and that we are more than just a body and a mind. We are music. We are a vibratory dance, flowing, listening and evolving. As we begin to accept this knowledge, we surrender to how much we don’t know. The Age of Intuition emerges and the energy of the Feminine rises.