New Years Reflections

New Years (as celebrated by the Gregorian Calendar) is a time that is synonymous with opportunity. As marked by our measure of time, we turn the page to something new. With the new-ness we are invited to reflect on the old, and dream of what is possible. We are invited to connect with what we really want, and instilled with vigor to make it happen.  

As we dream 2017, we must remember that the wishes and desires we have for ourselves are already in the field. The question becomes – how do we anchor them in our reality? The art of conscious manifestation.

Our thoughts, words and actions create our reality.

 As the baseline of manifestation, our thoughts and the words we use are incredibly powerful. They are influencing our experience both on a cellular level, as well as in the reality that is reflected to us individually. While our thoughts may be more challenging to track, the words we use are a clear indication of our mental space, as well as our subconscious beliefs. By placing awareness on the words that leave our mouths, we learn a lot about the space that we are operating and creating from, and are given a direct point of contact to change. By becoming aware of our words, we are granted access to changing our life.

Notice where you are using the words wish, want, desire, can’t, shouldn’t, eventually, hopefully or even just complaining. These words are directly influencing the reality you are creating, and the current moment you are experiencing.

Some examples:

By saying, “This year I will dedicate myself to healing my relationship, my body, etc.” or “I want to be healthy,” you are essentially telling yourself and the Universe that you are not already. You are creating the experience of becoming instead of being. Instead, try saying, “I am Whole” or “I am healthy”.

By refraining from giving $5 to the homeless man on the street out of fear of not having enough money, you are reinforcing the experience of lack and not having money in your life. By giving, you are telling the Universe and yourself that you have enough. The feeling of having enough is being watered, and strengthened.

Generally speaking, we spend much of our lives wanting to be somewhere we are not – wanting to improve something, awaiting the next travel or the next meal, chasing a desire, etc. Let 2017 be the Year where we feel grateful for where we are now, and call in more of the good feelings that are already present.

By relaxing into a space of gratitude, we are relaxing into what is, and opening the channels to experiencing more of the things we are grateful for. As we navigate the changes that life and growth bring, may we all feel grateful for the opportunities that are given to us, and remember to be gentle with ourselves. As we find our way, it is very easy for the mind to default to voices of inadequacy and unworthiness. Be gentle, forgive yourself, and feel gratitude in your heart. It’s all a part of the learning process, and all is perfect.