Thoughts from Peru

We are all channels of light, of love, of divine union encapsulating the potential of the Universe, but we have forgotten. Lost in layers of stories, of ego identifications, and cultural conditioning, we swim aimlessly in the emotional waters of truth forgotten. But then, something, someone, somewhere shines light on our soul’s desires, and the warrior within calls us to walk. To keep walking. Layer upon layer, we peel back the drama that has kept us confined to the limitations of the mind. We arrive at a space where we understand that this life is but a dream, a dance, a painting where we have the opportunity to choose the colors. We are the entire Universe in one beautiful angelic body. We are possibility defined.

Sitting beside the warmth of the fire, the depth of his words called in the truth of spirit. From this sweetly held space in Peru, the plants of the jungle were bringing us the wisdom of our past and the vision of the future. Purifying. Teaching. Humbling. Releasing the wild nature of the energetic dance craving freedom within us. Bowing to the wisdom that is beyond understanding. Riding the waves of discomfort, we learn that within suffering is our truth revealed. For only from a place of darkness can one recognize and walk towards the light. Only from a space of understanding, are we able to embody the truth. It is here where we begin our descent from the head to the heart, transcending the mental understanding of ideas, of knowledge, to an integrated space of wisdom, of intuition. Letting go of thoughts and rationalizations and aligning ourselves with the purity of awareness. From the space of a healthy heart a beautiful world evolves. The complexities of existence simplified to the wisdom of the cell. Our return to oneness begins.