To My Future Daughter ~

To my future daughter ~

You are so loved! You are brilliant. You are more brilliant than your mind understands. Your beauty radiates from the pureness of your heart, and of your intentions. You are truly so beautiful! Melt into all of the goodness you feel and rest in that space. Trust that space. The world is your oyster my dear and anything is possible. Trust. You are a child of possibility, and have everything you need to be happy and free. Trust. I am here to support you and to guide you on this plane, I am here to love you and nourish you on your path. When life becomes complicated and your mind begins to ask questions, I encourage you to take space, to find silence, and to connect with your body. Your body is your teacher here on this earth. Listen to your feelings and allow them to guide you. Honor them for their wisdom, and they will gift you with your health. You have all the answers inside of you wanting to flower into expression; they just need the space to be honored. You know this already because you feel it in your heart. You know because you are connected to your womb, and you understand the wisdom of your cycle. You have never left this wisdom. You know that men and women are different and that things and ideas that treat you the same have not yet evolved to understand the differences. You are a strong and sensitive soul, my sweet baby girl, and a beautiful embodiment of the feminine.  

I share this with you, because everything I’ve learned, you already know. Like I said, you are brilliant! Trust. When you doubt this trust, feel. When I don’t feel, when I merely think, life becomes a playground of thought, of possibilities. When I feel, it becomes experience, it becomes action, it becomes a fun game of manifestation. This journey of feeling led me home to my womb, to my relationship to being a woman. It may not always be easy to stand in this space, my love, but trust. There are teachings to be shared from this space, and only those who trust, who are connected, will be strong enough to share, and to enjoy.

I share some of my story with you sweet child, because being a woman is a gift, an honor, and I am so grateful, so so grateful to walk this path before you, and to guide you. You are a beautiful soul, a beautiful gift in my life, and I look forward to all the special memories that are to come. I feel you with me already, and I can’t wait to kiss your sweet little cheeks. You are so loved my sweet little child.

With all of my love and deep deep gratitude ~