Moon Magic

The Earth Mama emerges.

In her fullness, in her plumpness

Plump breasts, swollen belly, fully rooted.

Downward flow of energy pulling her deeper into herself. With her blood connecting her to every other woman, every other animal on this planet. There is a deep wisdom within her being, a deep knowing, a pure sensitivity to the flow of herself, and to the flow of everything.

She is connected, she is contracted, she is expansive.

She is.

But she has forgotten. Being pulled deep within, she fights. She fights going into the darkness, into the stillness, into the unknown. She would rather stay outside in the realm of the knowing, in the masculine way of being. It is easier to pretend, then to be; in full power, in full unknowing, in full flow. She fights, so the body responds. The body speaks in cramps, in PMS, in tears, in messages that say, “Slow down, let it be.”

Our menstrual cycle is the wisdom of the Earth implanted in us as our very own life coach, guiding us to fruition. As the cycles of the earth support the fertility and fruition of a tree, we are being guided to our own truest and most fruitful expression. Our bodies our asking us to take time every month to be, to slow down, to listen, to reflect, to learn, and to plant new seeds for the upcoming moon cycle. Our moon cycles are so wise..we are so wise!

Wisdom traditions, and the women who have come before us know this, and are deeply connected to the rituals of the Earth, and of our blood. Just as the earth moves in cycles and seasons, we as women do as well.

As we reconnect with the wisdom of the Earth in so many ways – through plant based diets, essential oils, herbs, plant medicines – may we as women get to know the Earth reflected in and through us in the expression of our monthly cycle, and be proud.

We are all Earth mamas; protectors of the land, of our community, of each other.

Aho mitakayasin!