To become healthy and whole, you must have enough courage to be in touch with the wisdom of your female body, and to follow the desires of your heart. Nothing is more exciting than knowing that our bodies and our feelings are a clear, open pathway toward our destinies
— Dr. Christiane Northrup


about kristen 

My Mission is to empower women to slow down, to feel, to reestablish the connection with the wisdom of the body, and to connect to their own life Mission. Moving from the mind, into the body and the womb space; from the masculine, back home to the feminine. Through being guided into the experiences of our bodies and embracing our feelings, our sexuality, and our relationship to our womb, our true Voice begins to emerge. It IS every woman’s birthright to feel free, alive, worthy, accepted, connected to her inner source of power, and free to express herself in the world. From a place of deep connection and understanding of one’s Self, she becomes free to sing and dance her own songs into the world.

Shall we? It is time.