Women's Mentorship

Mentorship for women

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The process of rising into the full expression of one’s femininity and owning our power as strong and sensitive beings is not to be done alone and without support. I am here with an empathic and passionate heart to support and guide women on this path of learning, healing, growing, and blossoming into one’s truest and highest expression.

In this program, not only will your individual process be nurtured and inspired, but you will learn about life’s greater mysteries and how you are a part of it. 


What You Will Learn: 
•    The importance of your Moon Cycle (menstruation), and how this relationship is an essential part of being an empowered woman

•    About the energetic nature of our world and how we are creating our own reality. 

•    How to create ritual in your daily life, and why that is important

•    The importance of nourishment, and what it means to nourish oneself

•    The power of plants, plant spirits, and the energetics of plants

•    Why conscious movement is an essential aspect of emotional health and an activated feminine life

•    The importance of Self-Love and how to navigate the process of cultivating it

•    Why the Moon is such a beautiful support system for women

•    How to move through limiting beliefs to embody your expansiveness

This program can be done in a 40, 90, or 120-day format, depending on your desires. 

It Includes: 

Video call every other week. (Or every week during the 40 day program) 

Personalized Program including daily practice (and depending on the individual, commitments in certain areas: diet, technology, alcohol, movement)

Intuitive Guidance depending on your needs 

Access to many tools to support and inspire you throughout your life

Yoga / movement / meditation practices to work with during the program

To Reserve: 

- Email me to inquire about more information. 

- I will set up an initial 15 minute call with you that is free of charge, to meet and feel each other, and answer any questions you have.