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Sacred Circle Mentorship Program

January 25th, 2019 - May 5th, 2019

As we rest in of the energy of winter, and ride the energy into spring, let us gather together in a group of lovely ladies to go deep within, and redefine and refine how we relate to that which makes us female. From this place of connection within ourself, and with each other as women, we are able to show up in the world much more freely, rooted within ourself and empowered by our relationships with our bodies. From this place of truth and inner integrity, we can really begin to work with our voices and how we express ourselves and relate to the world.

Let us gather together in community to support each other in claiming the life and the pleasure that we know in our hearts (and yonis!) is possible. 

Join me and a small group of women in this 3 moon cycle journey towards a more true and expansive expression of you. In these 3 months together each woman will be experiencing sacred self-love + exploration practices every week and cultivating a deep relationship with our bodies. We will be also be playfully challenging ourselves to speak from this space of truth, and to honor the messages, insights and healing that arise in the process. We will bring awareness to our menstrual cycle (+ phases of the moon) and the energetic shifts we experience throughout the month. In the process of heightening our awareness, we will use the gifts of sisterhood and community to integrate any shame around our femininity. Together, we are so much more powerful than we ever imagined.  


It is when we fully allow space for all of ourselves...even the darker sticky stuff... to show up, to be seen, and to have a voice, that are able to transform limiting beliefs and judgments, move through what has been holding us back, and step into our potential. As sensitive and conscious women, it is my belief that this... the full allowance and permission for all of us to be seen and to share... is a necessary component of stepping into our full potential and finding our way… in the feminine way.

Stepping into a feminine way of leadership invites a quality of surrender and trust; letting go of the more forceful ways that have guided us for so long. This process can be somewhat overwhelming at times, which is why it is so powerful and influential to be supported in a community of women. When we are able to really let go, life and work transform into an experience that is much more intuitively guided, more fun, and more playful. When we consciously allow more space for flow and joy in our life, while consciously working with limiting beliefs and thoughts, the Universe responds so beautifully. 

Surrendered + in Action! 

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This program is for you if:

-       You are committed to showing up fully and creating space for change in your life. 

-       You feel called to live, work and lead from a feminine space within yourself. You are ready to get to know and love your sexual and sensual self. 

-       You feel inspired (or also intimidated) by the encouragement/community of other women.

-       You feel a deep call to deeply know your body, and be connected to your sensual self. 

-       You have an interest to learn about the moon cycles and how it can influence your life

-       You're moving from a mind-centered to heart-centered way of living.

-       You're working on opening your throat chakra and owning/sharing your voice.  

-       You are ready to feel free in your body and in your expression!

-       You feel called to support other women in their healing journey... 


What you will receive:

-       A retreat in Ojai, CA September 25th - 27th to launch our program together

-       Group Sharings with Kristen + Group via Zoom

-       1 Private Session to use at any point throughout the program for additional support

-       The support, connection and inspiration of a small and inspiring group of women

-       Email Support

-       Sexuality and sensuality practices 

-       Menstrual Cycle Awareness Guidance

-       A space to speak and share what you are truly feeling

-       A space where you have full permission to be yourself, to stumble, to grow, and especially to shine!


If you don't see a time that works, or if you have any particular questions you'd prefer to ask over email, feel free to write me directly at: kristen@sacredjourney.earth